Hotel room reservations are due by May 9, 2018.  Reunion dues must be paid by May 14, 2018.  All pictures for the Memorial album must be uploaded to the website (Photo Albums page) or sent to a committee member by April 2018.

Hotel Room Reservations
The hotel is ready to receive room reservations.  Please call the Embassy Suites located on Jamaica Court at 407-345-8250.  Your card will not be charged at this time.

Dues and T-Shirts
An invoice for the reunion dues and t-shirts will be sent via email after you submit an RSVP.  Please allow 2-3 days to receive the invoice.  Please mail a check to the address listed on the invoice.  Make checks payable to Byron Barney.  As of May 7, 2018 we are no longer taking payments through PayPal.  Please email the committee if you have questions (


Ages 13 to 79 - $125
Ages 5 to 12 - $60
Ages 0 to 4 and ages 80 & older - No cost 

Please indicate shirt sizes for each guest when you submit the RSVP.  If you have previously submitted an RSVP, we will contact you (via phone/email) for confirmation of shirt sizes.

Youth - $7 (XS - XL)
Adult - $11 (S - XL)
Adult - $12 (2XL)
Adult - $13 (3XL)
Adult - $15 (4XL)